How To Make an Engaging Content Strategy Calendar?

How To Make an Engaging Content Strategy Calendar?

A content strategy calendar is also called a social media content calendar, editorial calendar, or social media calendar. It is a summary of your forthcoming social media posts; it follows the order in which the event or the record shall occur.

A social media calendar can take many forms. You can have a spreadsheet, a Google Calendar, an Instagram content calendar, or an interactive dashboard. Usually, it includes some or a combination of these elements for every post:

  • the date and time it will go live
  • the network and the social media account where it will be published
  • the required copy and creative assets - videos, photos, etc.
  • links and tags to include

If you're wondering about the importance of the social media calendar, there are some justifications for why you need it, such as:

  • It can eventually save you time and energy.
  • It can help reduce mistakes
  • It enables collaboration or team work
  • It prevents infrequently publishing Content
  • It helps you identify areas of improvement
  • It boosts creativity

You should take these steps to create a social media content calendar.

1. When planning your content strategy calendar, you should first decide the type of Content you want to publish, which can be ebooks, opinion pieces, podcasts, landing pages, blog posts, newsletters, videos, presentations, and others.

2. Have a brainstorming session with your marketing team to determine the topic to publish.

3. Use research tools to find more information in detail. This will give you better results.

4. Compare your keywords with those of your competitors.

5. Conduct a content audit to find out what and when to post for level engagement.

6. Choose your social media channels after being clear about your target audience

7. Define every stage of the content process before it reaches publication.

8. Decide on a publishing schedule. Also, resolve how often Content should be published to increase audience engagement. After making last minute changes, you can publish.

Some notes:

A content library, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or an internal database link, will help it be easier for everyone when planning content for publication.

Evergreen Content is Content that is search-optimised that stays fresh and relevant over a long period of time. Evergreen Content can cover in case there are scheduled delays.

Guest Content is Content that is written and posted on someone else's blog and can also be helpful.

Regardless of whether you are organising a marketing strategy of your own or you are a part of a large social media marketing agency, a social media calendar will help you become more effective.

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