Whom to opt for your Marketing Solution

Freelancer or Micro Agency

Freelancers work independently and directly with their clients and are not associated to any particular one client for a long time. Micro agencies are such agencies that can be hired #anytime #anywhere.


For some clients, a marketing or creative agency might be more than is needed, but freelancers on the whole tend to be specialists, who need you to invest time in managing and overseeing their work.

Let’s consider you are setting up a new brand of clothing and are in search of a dedicated advertising strategy. Branding requires designing stationery, website, digital and non – digital advertising, etc. To get the best for all the section you may decide upon hiring a freelancer.

Each aspect is developed by a different freelancer who is an expert in his/her work, leading to amalgamation of different thoughts. You have a distinguished marketing team working with your time in managing and getting the desired output.

https://www.youtube.com/user/fcbayern (GIF Link)

Last but not least you end up spending your time creating marketing materials rather then focusing on other details of your startup.


On the other hand, if you choose to hire a micro agency you choose to let out your responsibility to someone who understands your requirement and will have the best hands working on your project.

A micro agency saves your time of managing and overseeing the freelancers work and deliver you the final product for your consideration.

Micro agencies can be hired at any point and they will manage your account utilising their expert tools. With micro agencies you are at peace in terms of co-ordination and quality of work.

You can also opt to hand over your entire marketing responsibility and ask to achieve the best results. In such cases all you have to do is wait for the result rest all is handled by them.

Choose your correct Growth Partner, rather than just a Service provider.

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