Google Looker Studio: Best Way to Generate Creative Reports

Google Looker Studio: Best Way to Generate Creative Reports

Marketers or Marketing Agencies need to generate reports now and then, and developing reports has always been challenging. When it comes to reporting on marketing activities can be a lengthy task if you need to monitor the data on a day-to-day basis. Or if you prepare the report manually for the whole week or month, this work can be very bothersome. Even a tiny mistake in the entire report created by you can cause trouble.

So to create reports and measure performance, there is a need for a tool that collects your data from different platforms and prepares creative reports accordingly.

One tool for creating accurate and tidy reports is Google Data Studio or Looker Studio. Marketing firms collect information about marketing performance and turn it into visuals using documents made in Google Data Studio. GDS offers many great features that are available for free. One of Google Data Studio's main advantages is the potential to display data from multiple sources in a single visualization. You can draw attention to details from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, CRM, Google Sheets, and other information from the eCommerce platform.

So, now let's see what benefits Google Data Studio brings to our table.

1 - Easy to Use

Data Studio provides an easy-to-use UI that should help anyone familiar with Google products get started building dashboards. In that sense, it eases your learning curve.

2 - Free of Cost

Google Data Studio is a free tool where marketing agencies don't need to pay money to create an account and arrange it. GDS turns your data into informative, easy-to-read, shared, and fully customizable reports. However, they only let you connect to products and services of Google like Google Sheets, Google Analytics, Google Ads, YouTube, etc. Google Data Studio has over 600 connectors that allow marketing agencies to pull data sets from any popular marketing platform, which is a huge plus. Data Studio connectors can be created, implemented, and assigned for free. This means marketers can create connectors to build interactive dashboards and manage their data.

3 - Links to Several Data Sources

Keeping marketing strategies and different platforms in mind, there are many such sources whose data reports have to be prepared. And Data Studio gives you the advantage that by collecting the data of all the sources in one place, you can also prepare a report which you can share with your client.

Using Google Data Studio, you can connect to multiple data sources in a single dashboard. Unifying different data sources from your Google Data Studio dashboard makes it simple to create reports for Social Media Platforms, SEO, or Google Ads.

4 - Fully Customizable

Data Studio allows you to build fully customizable dashboards. You can start with a blank template or use a pre-programmed template; whatever you choose, Data Studio helps you to create fully detailed and easy-to-understand reports that include data, charts, and widgets, and according to your requirement, you can put things in it. You can also opt for colors, fonts, design, and formatting to match your organization's or your client's brand.

5 - Informative Report - Easy-to-Understand

Google Data Studio helps you make your digital marketing services more accessible and faster. Data Studio allows you to create real-time, dynamic, and informative dashboards that make it easy to collect your data. This means that you can create your reports and send them to the recipients of your choice, and with this, there is also an advantage that whoever you send them to can modify reports as per their requirements.

6 - Blending Data

One of the best features of Looker Studio is that it blends your different data very well. Data blending allows you to mix or combine multiple data sources into a chart or graph. Data blending will enable you to combine data from two platforms into a single graph to see other platforms' data in a single report, chart, or graph. This way, both data sets are easily consumed instead of creating separate reports.

7 - Easy to Allot Reports

You can easily allot reports in Data Studio. You can share a link with your team and allow others to read or edit the report. This feature allows you and your team members to view and edit reports while sharing them in real-time simultaneously. By sharing the report this way, you can save a lot of time.

Google Data Studio creates creative reports tailored to your marketing process so that you can get a comprehensive view of the data taken from two different platforms in one place. It is beneficial in every way and easy to use. You can modify it according to your own and add Widgets too. Google Data Studio has over 600 connectors that connect the studio to the primary data. Linking your data this way creates a data source.

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