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Rummy777 being India's fastest-growing online rummy platform in India, with a new player signing up every 30 seconds, providing one of the largest selections of the game and building the vision to grow further in the Gaming Industry with their application digitally.

Brand’s Storyline

With the best loyalty program in the industry and rewarding with real Instant Cash, the brand wanted to gain people's trust in Online Gaming again as competitor gaming applications have been betraying every gamers' trust. Our focus was on rebuilding that trust to play with as an open and most trustworthy gaming application in India.

How did we do that?,

Brand Guideline

A guideline is never limited to fonts and colors; it's all about representing a brand's feelings to a global platform. The layout and visual details are implemented in a way to create a strong impact.


The brand colors should be used on social media in proportions as shown on the right. The feed on any social media platform should always reflect the colors in the given proportions.


  • Tips
  • Regular Post
  • Contest
  • Festival


  • Brand Awarness
  • Quotes
  • Regular Post


  • Offer
  • Festival
  • Reward


Fonts play a very important role in determining a brand's positioning and in establishing a strong brand recall. Our primary typeface is BEBAS NEUE, and the secondary typeface is set to MONTSERRAT, a broad statement Webfont that reflects the gaming look and feel of Rummy777.

Most communication to be done in all caps, and the letter G in all header communication to be replaced with that of Montserrat Alternates.







Icon Set


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Elements Word Mark Placement

The Game of Graphics!

Good graphic communication can play an 80% role in delivering the message, making graphics the real Ace!


Re-Design Website

Color: When It comes to an Indian Rummy Platform, Ethnic colors create a strong impact and sustain the brand identity with gamers for a more extended period. Complementing the logomark of Rummy777 with a yellow accent and white tone, the color palette makes it polished and unique,

Make Over

When you visit a website your banner is your main hero, your first impression, and your indirect CTA. Previously the banner was loud and out of brands message. Understanding this, we curated a banner that is more intact with the brands happy gaming theme.



The client asked for a very eye-catching and bold homepage for targeting local players. They also wanted to interrogate a "Get The App" option for their players that is easy to download with their SMS Link sent on the mobile number.

Team Rummy777 desired three scrollable banners on the same page, where you can see Exciting Offers, Upcoming Events, Updates, and more. They recently gained their players from 800K to 1M+, which is showcased in the hero section.


Inner Pages

Making speed our foremost priority, we designed the inner pages in a simple yet playful manner. The inner pages focused on important content; thus, we avoided carousels and prioritized scrolling over clicking.

Rummy777 Inner Pages


Whether it's desktop, laptop, tablet, or a mobile phone, with various banners, functions, and elements in one single page, the responsive was developed precisely, working smoothly on all the devices!

Rummy777 Inner Pages

Blog Writing

Regularly updating their informative Rummy777 blogs with fresh and high-value content drives visitors to their page. After systematic keyword integration and research, we have successfully shifted their ranking from n to 16th position when you google "Rummy in India" with over 200K+ downloads in 2 months resulting in 1M+ players for the platform.

Wordpress Integration Development

Effortless Composition, Clear Information (give a visitor what he's looking for straightaway is the best advice, trust us!), and attractive visuals were the three main factors while building Rummy777 with Wordpress. For the most crucial aspect, overall smooth functioning, the libraries, JQuery, and Javascript were integrated.

Informative Videos

As Rummy777 being an Online gaming platform involving Real cash and personal details, one needs to be aware of how they can add and withdraw their payments—for this, preparing informational content in Youtube "How to?" videos serve the purpose.



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