The Impact of Influencer Marketing on Your Brand

The Impact of Influencer Marketing on Your Brand

We have entered an era where everything has been at our fingertips, from ordering food to buying from our favorite brands, from connecting with people around the globe to being amazed at the work of local artisans. In the past, people were more than happy to see advertisements on TV and listen to radio ads to buy the products they liked or to get to know the new products being launched. But now the time has changed, and everything has become more easily accessible and available around us.

To connect with the mass audience, at this time, we have lots of resources, techniques, and strategies which lead us to target our audience in customized ways. Social media - is one of the most used terms in our daily lives, keeping us informed about every trend, fashion, news, update, and whatnot. However, here we are talking about the most familiar term nowadays is Influencer Marketing. You've heard it already so many times, right? This is the technique to grow your business, reach targeted audiences, and catch the attention of new people.

Here you learn how influencer marketing surpassed traditional marketing and how it benefits your business and sets a trend to keep you ahead of your competitors.

Let's take a small journey to learn how influencer marketing is more effective than traditional marketing.

Today, people spend their most valuable time online on social media or search engines, and this is the place where you catch their attention the most. While you are counting the difference between influencer marketing and traditional marketing, let us tell you the difference is so simple and easy to understand. One is online, and the other is offline. So simple, huh?

Traditional marketing includes old-fashioned yet unique ways of advertising, such as print ads, TV ads, billboards, radio ads, and others. Influencer marketing is part of digital marketing, where a brand collaborates with influencers through social media platforms and posts relevant content on the products a brand wants to market.

Brands can connect with the influencers, and through them, they can target audiences from a precise area, city, state, country, or anything. Influencers create buzz with the campaign and products they are marketing for. Brands can work with them through different industries like food, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel, technology, etc.

The most crucial point here is while selecting the influencer for your brand, look into their insights and demographics so that you can know whom to choose for your marketing campaign.

On the other hand, traditional marketing is not this smart, and you never get the idea if you target your audience correctly or if people see your ads. Quite disappointing, right? Yes, kind of. Still, traditional marketing has its perks that even today, you see exciting advertisements on TV and watch eye-catching billboards.

Influencer marketing gets you a better ROI than what you spend on the marketing strategy. It can also change the purchase decisions of the audience in minutes. How? Influencers are popular among their followers and trust them with their choices and decisions. These followers look up to them to purchase any product or service for high-quality and satisfaction. Influencer marketing strategy is exceptionally effective and beneficial for your brand.

Millennials and Gen-Zs are the wider audiences the influencers get and want to purchase products and services appealing to them. This generation uses social media the most, especially Instagram; other than that, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, etc., are the influencer marketing platforms. Influencers have the immense power to influence and affect the decisions of their followers, and this influence works exceptionally well for brands. Social media influencer marketing is an innovative and easy way to connect with potential customers.

Traditional marketing appeals to those whom we call boomers and generation X as they are not the ones who use social media that much, or many of them don't have any idea about as well.

The content posted by influencers is sharable, and that is a plus point for you as they also market your products to their loved ones by sharing it through different platforms. Influencers are known for creating creative content that goes viral and makes a trend with their unique approach. Using this strategy gives you insights into what kind of posts and content go viral and what products do well in sales. You can see the likes, comments, shares, and saves your posts get through different platforms. It is one of the most critical KPIs for your brand, and you'll get the ability to know your customer's behavior and reach new audiences.

Traditional marketing doesn't have the advantage of letting you check how many of your customers can connect through TV ads or how many new customers you get by spending on the ads.

When any influencer markets your product or service, they are using their strength to build trust among their followers or your potential audience. When an influencer posts something, it shows the brand as the trustable and potential place to get what they want.

Influencers are changing daily, and this market is bigger than you think, but it can help your brand stand on top with authenticity and enhancement and make a spot for your brand among other brands.

There is no doubt that traditional marketing has ruled the world from the start and still shows its charm in different ways, but influencer marketing has set its pace with smart tools and techniques, influencing people to buy from trusted brands.

Let us know if you are considering connecting with the people and your audience in a thoughtful and new way. We at Liveblack help you with influencer marketing to keep your brand in the limelight with creative content and connect you with the best influencers.

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