Tips for Creative Graphics Design for Social Media

Tips for Creative Graphics Design for Social Media

As humans, we are attracted to aesthetically pleasing visuals, and why not? We love to see our surroundings have beauty, creativity, and artistry. Whether you're watching billboards on the way, TV ads, social media posts, banners, or anything else, if they are visually not pleasing, you will not remember them for a long time.

We see content here and there and everywhere, but what if it does not interest anyone? Then how will you expand your business in such a situation? Creative and engaging graphic visuals are the way you can reach many people and open your brand up to the world in the most artistic way possible.

Graphic design should create a visible sensation and pleasing visuals that attract customers and increase reach and sales.

Social media is one of the most crucial ways to show off your brand visually attractive and rich in content. Its great significance for your brand to be outstanding with the visuals. Now, the question is how to create graphic design for social media. What are the techniques to be more ingenious and efficient to draw attention towards your brand? Let us tell you the tips and tricks for that.

As a graphic designer or digital marketer, you already know the tactics used in creating the best social media graphics, but non-designers, you may lack in-depth knowledge. So here are the ways you can improve.

Graphic design tips for social media include,

1 - Colors

Colors are the most essential part of our lives. We are living in a colorful world. Everything in this world, from our veins to our skin, nature to artificial wonders, is covered in colors. Ever imagined a world without colors? It would be boring to live without colors. That's what happened with the graphic design as well.

Not that you can't put monochrome or black-and-white images on your social media grid, but deciding on a color palette makes your feed look excellent and attractive. This way, your posts are easily and instantly identifiable by your audience and establish a clear image for your brand.

Color psychology works wonders when you understand how colors affect people's moods and behavior. Colors can create an atmosphere where people, whether they love to stay or escape. Each color has its impact and meaning, which helps you design better. Use colors that reflect your brand, and be aware of how colors and which colors influence people to take any action.

Contrasting colors ideally create wonders for your social media feed and brand. Colors play a prominent role in your social media graphic design.

2 - Captivating Thumbnail for Videos

Videos make everything work beautifully. Smooth and crystal-clear videos are a handy weapon to keep your audience busy. When you post any video on your social media, the platform will automatically choose the thumbnail for the video or set it manually as per choice. Not every time your video has that first frame be more eye-catching, so be aware of choosing what you will post.

Be selective with your first frame or thumbnail because it will attract attention to your brand. What you might find visually appealing, put that frame or thumbnail to show off your creativity. This thumbnail communicates the most before someone starts the video.

3 - Text

There is a big difference between text and typography; remember that. Also, never over-crowd your image with text, as people will be okay with ignoring posts that do not clearly define what you want to say. The creative social media post design is not just a piece of cake. It takes brainstorming, an out-of-the-box approach, and keen attention to detail to set your brand apart from the crowd.

Whatever your content is, ensure the text will be easily readable and understandable by the audience. Maintain the order, grammar, and spelling check to make what you write in your post. Try to keep your text short or limited to one or two-liners. Ensure you use light-colored text on a dark background.

The sense of importance for text is to pass the clear message your brand wants to convey.

4 - Maintain Consistency

The main part of social media grid design is to maintain consistency. If your social media content makes everyone feel connected, your audience will form a relationship with your brand effortlessly and clearly pass the purpose of your brand. Set a goal to convey the message of why people choose your brand, what you offer, and what advantages you bring through your product or service. Don't post random stuff to make your audience confused.

Give your audience a reason to discover your content in their feed. Keeping up with Consistency makes sure all your designs and content are relevant and engaging throughout all social media platforms.

Use templates and design tools to quickly create content for announcements, promotions, or anything else.

Consistency is what you need to expand your brand's identity.

5 - High-Quality Images & Videos

Blurry images never win hearts, except your design aims to blur some parts of the image with a valid reason. High-quality images and videos make your feed look amazing and display what you want your audience to see. Visual content is the first thing that appears in front of people, and ascertaining your visual doesn't get out of focus.

High-quality images and videos are great to look at. Its impact lasts for a long time. It presents your products nicely and clearly. Accomplish every goal by posting quality content.

6 - Put Logo

Remember to put a logo in your images or videos. It will give an impression and identity to your audience about your brand. When visually sharing your content, it is a good idea to include a logo to make your brand recognizable through every platform. Good branding is the way to achieve every business goal. Make sure your logo is unique, shows off your brand's purpose, and is clear to see and understand.

Make sure your logo is balanced with images. If the color of your logo conflicts with the main image, make changes accordingly to make the image and logo crystal clear.

7 - Understand Copyright Issues

Understand copyright issues for both your content and images or photos. Don't copy anything from anywhere because it affects your brand's image. Use original content, or if you want to take content or images from anywhere else, give credit to their respective owner.

Make efforts to be original, creative, and insightful if you want your brand to succeed. In this digital era, many competitors and competition are running in our way, but by being authentic, honest, and original, you make a lot of difference.

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