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VMS Plus is a brand that aspires and aims for perfection in Designing. They are the leading manufacturer of Kitchen Shutters, Wardrobe Profiles, Slim Glass Partitions, Aluminium Profile, etc. with the installation and design services. They make the right execution luxurious homes and offices.


VMS Plus didn't have a suitable method of reaching as many individuals as possible when they came at Liveblack. Being a full-stack service agency, we advised them and discussed the value of having a website and a social media presence. For VMS Plus, we started from scratch. And client was looking for B2B leads to scale their business.


In order to draw in more attention, colors are the most crucial part of website designing and digital marketing. The ideal colors for defining VMS Plus's identity, services, and areas of specialization we have selected some great colors.


Such fonts should be used in the website which can be easily read so that whenever visitors come to the site, they can clearly understand what this brand is offering.

Font Style

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Frame

Designing social media frames is constantly part of the creative field. Every element is very crucial in social media marketing. Where to feature which info withinside the social media post, which colors and fonts will be used, most of these are designed in an inventive way.

social media background social media background

Social Media, Content & Creatives

First of all we created all the social media handles of VMS Plus from where we can reach B2B and end customer both. We designed the post creatives and content to showcase each product in detail to give the viewer an idea of what VMS Plus is offering.

social media creatives

The Theme for the Festival Post

Every festival has its own importance and to showcase the same we have designed some simple yet appealing creatives. We designed a theme for the festival post, in which we included the colors used in the VMS Plus website.

social media creatives social media creatives social media creatives

Customized Icons

To show all the aspects of an updated site in the right way and offer visitors a better impression, we customized the VMS Plus icons.

Customized Icons

Website Design & Development


As a UI/UX design company, Liveblack ensures easy accessibility to the site so that people who visit VMS Plus's site can easily see and understand the products and services VMS Plus has to offer. So we create layouts that are user friendly and convenient in service.


  • Generate more leads in Vadodara.
  • Increase online presence.
  • Target audience for this was people who aren't that computer savvy.
  • Design WebFocusing on Indian Nationality and Indian doctors.
  • A website which is easy to navigate & appeals to Medical Visitors.

Web pages


The home page is the face of any website, which explains what products this particular brand makes, what services it offers, and defines its purpose and specialization. We have also designed the home page of VMS Plus in a very resourceful way.

website design for VMS

About Page

We designed the about page in such a way that every one can easily know about the journey of VMS Plus. From how they started, what products they make, and what values they believe in, all these have been written in detail.

website design for VMS

Gallery Page

Photos always grab everyone's attention first and that is why we have beautifully included each and every product offered by VMS Plus in the gallery section. So that every visitor can see how the product looks along with reading the details of the product.

website design for VMS

Blog Page

We also set aside a section for the blog so that we can go into more detail about interior designing trends, benefits of particular products, partition systems and many other products and trends so that people can get more and detailed information about everything.

website design for VMS

Contact Page

We have created the contact page to be straightforward while also allowing website visitors to easily get in touch with VMS Plus and communicate their needs.

website design for VMS

Responsive Design

Responsive web design is all about designing web pages that look perfect and work well on all the devices customers are using, from simple Android mobiles, iPhones, laptops, computers or any other device.

responsive website design and development

Website Optimization

An easy-to-function website is all the treatment that your website requires. Keeping the User Interface in bold colors and displaying essential functions at once is usability that caters even to a layperson quickly as most people search for health care options on their smartphones.

Website Optimization

Blog Writing

Even in this era, people like to stay updated by reading. Blogs always explain each and every topic in detail and hence we have created a blog page on VMS Plus site where everything is explained in detail in an interesting way.


The journey which started from zero today has reached millions of people whether it is website visitors or social media followers and this is what shows the growth of VMS Plus.


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