A Guide To Making The Best Informative Videos

Video marketing nowadays has grown more and more popular. People use videos when they want to learn how to do things or about something new. Video marketing is the best way to educate the audience, teach, explain or guide them step by step in any process. Videos can help increase audience engagement on social and digital channels.

In digital marketing, the technique designed and used by marketing teams to curate, create, and utilise videos to sell their products/services to their target audience is called a video marketing strategy. The idea is to keep the audience involved with the brand they are trying to promote.

If you are interested in creating a video, whether informative or explainer, but don’t know how and where to start, follow the following steps.

1. Choose a topic. This is the first step in creating a video. The topic should consider your target audience and skill level. You should know how the audience will consume the information in your video.

2. Write a script. This is not to read the script word to word, but so you will know what to say in your recording and you will not go off-topic. It’s always a good idea to follow a guideline. It will ensure that all the relevant details are included.

3. Record your video or voice only. If you are recording your voice, make sure you do it in a quiet area. After the voice-over recording, you may now create the visual content. You may use pre-recorded videos or photos, which you should gather for use in the editing process.

4. Edit your video. Before you do this, you need to determine the video editing program you want to use. There are video programs available for beginners, and they are offered for free, and programs for more advanced editors. Some editing programs include Magisto, Camtasia, Animoto, Ripl, and Biteable. The first two programs Magisto and Camtasia offer free trials and require a paid subscription. No worries on this because they are well worth the investment.

Whichever program you choose, upload the voice-over and your visual content, and complete the process. There are steps in the editing program that will guide you.

5. Preview your video. This is necessary to ensure that you did it right and met your expectations. Otherwise, it would be best to do the editing again until it is up to your standard.

6. After step no. 5, you can now export and share your video to several sharing platforms. However, it is advisable to share it on YouTube first and then share the YouTube link to other social media platforms so that more people can view it.

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