Golden Rules to Craft the Most Attractive Logo For Your Brand

Every commercial enterprise starts with a brand image, which expresses the essential features of your business. It is about the consumers’ general impression of your company’s overall identity. This brand image is the logo, which makes people remember your company.

There are reasons why a logo is essential to any business:

* A logo catches people’s attention and makes them interested in your business
* It makes a strong initial perception of your product
* A logo is memorable
* It is the basis of your brand identity
* A logo makes you stand out from the competition
* It promotes brand loyalty
* A logo is something which the consumers look forward to

If you have just started a new business, you must learn how to create a logo. Creating a logo requires experience, skill, and knowledge. It would be best if you also practised working with various brands wanting to communicate their message to the public.

Here are some brand design guidelines to follow. These can serve as the golden rule in crafting the best logo, the most attractive one, for your brand:

1. Do the preparation. Get to know the client. Ask questions about their products/services. What do they do, how do they do it, and other inquiries? This will help you create the best logo design.

2. Use a sketchpad instead of a computer. This will allow you to design ideas quickly and freely.

3. Make sure your design is appropriate to the current time and the company’s values, ideas and activities.

4. Use black and white in your sketches; colour can be distracting and might confuse the customers.

5. Attempt to be different from the client’s competitors. Your client must be set apart and not blend in.

6. Create a design that is unusual and can be easily remembered. It should remain in the mind of people who see it.

7. Avoid designs that are too literal. It would be better if the logo did not show what the company does.

8. Remember, a logo does not always have to be a symbol. Some bespoke word marks will also be as effective.

9. Always get a second opinion. You can ask another qualified person about your design or things you might have missed during the process of designing.

10. After the design, you may begin developing the brand scheme.

A good logo will allow people to make a positive and meaningful association with the brand. Make it simple, direct, and represents the brand very clearly. Get inspiration from the logos of Apple, Google, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and other memorable and notable brand images. To learn further how to design a logo, stay true to the brand’s values and create a logo that effectively communicates who you are.

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