The Best E-commerce Website Builders for 2023

The Best E-commerce Website Builders for 2023

A good ecommerce website builder can help you set up your online business store hassle-free. Ecommerce website builders make establishing an identity in the online business world easy. Impress your customers with plenty of products and services, make them available online, and increase sales immediately. The easiest and fastest way to create a business online is with the tools that provide payment gateway, shipping, tracking orders, web hosting, multichannel selling, domain name registration, etc., needed to launch a perfect ecommerce website.

Whether it's your new business, startup, or existing business, ecommerce website builders come in useful to expand your mission and vision through the digital medium. To grow your business or have an online business store, check out this blog for the best ecommerce website builders.

Do not worry about having any experience building online stores, website designing, coding, or programming. We have got you covered with these amazing ecommerce website builders. It has many templates, features, and functionality that lets you design your website per your requirements and desire.

Let's look into the best ecommerce website builders for 2023 that will help your business grow online.

1 - Shopify

Let us start with the OG of the ecommerce space. For all-in-one store building, Shopify is the most popular and trusted by millions of people to build an online business store. With little trouble, you can begin selling as many products as possible. Because there is no limit to selling the number of products, and that's what takes your business a step further.

Shopify doesn't demand coding or technical skills to start your online store, so it offers 70+ free and paid themes, different features, and functionalities. Its features include domain hosting, custom domains, managing day-to-day business operations, beautiful website designs, etc., to design a website the way you want. Choose from so many options to create a website that suits your business.

Also, Shopify makes it easy for you to take payment from customers. Shopify Payment allows integration with different payment gateways from around the world. You can enlarge your store's functionality and let it work according to your requirements.

Check this list of impressive features Shopify offers -

  • Offers much useful integration
  • 70+ first-class themes
  • Custom domains
  • 24*7 support
  • No limits on the number of products selling
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Marketing, sales, & customer support tools
  • Supports SEO practices
  • Simplified analytics and reporting
  • SSL Certification

Shopify is a versatile ecommerce website builder; regardless of your business, it's an advantageous way to level up your online business game.

2 - WooCommerce

To all the people who have a WordPress site for their business, there's good news for you. WooCommerce has become an excellent option for organizing your online business store. Though WooCommerce is not an independent website builder, it's a plug-in you can use to add features and functionality to ecommerce websites. And for that, you have to take help from a website developer.

As one of the most famous plug-ins of WordPress, WooCommerce gives you the versatility to manage your website's management. It has features such as secure payments, shipping integration, open-source, managing orders, expanding your business store, etc. And the most amazing advantage, you can use different plug-ins to enhance WooCommerce's features. If you want your WordPress business site to have advanced features, take advantage of WooCommerce and build a place where customers get what they want.

What are the advantages you will get from WooCommerce? Let's explore.

  • Complete control over your data
  • Choose how your website look
  • Open-source & customizable
  • Thousands of unique themes for website
  • Manage orders
  • 140 region-specific gateways
  • Hundreds of free & paid extensions
  • Great adaptability
  • Secure gateways
  • SEO-friendly

Through its customizable themes, complete control over data, analyzing demographics and analytics, and customer behavior, you can expect WooCommerce to be the best partner for your business. Every feature lets you manage how you want to adopt the look and behavior of your business website.

3 - Wix

Wix is the most popular ecommerce website builder you need to have for your online business store. It makes the process of creating a website effortless. Meet your needs and wants through Wix's drag-and-drop builder to set up an online store. It is a complete package that offers customizable templates, web hosting, user-friendly, great features, etc., to give a look and feel to your site the way you desire.

The simplicity of Wix lets you work very comfortably and make every process smooth, whether it's listing products you sell, designing your site, payment method, etc. the flexibility it has is amazing for beginners who begin the journey to the online business store. It has this fantastic feature called ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) that designs stunning websites automatically per your needs.

Wix is a great option to have by your side when you think of creating your online business store. Also, this platform can be used to create any website that will lessen your troubles to take a step further in the digital business world. Take a look at the advantages it offers.

  • Safe payment
  • Secure monitoring
  • Well-designed & attractive templates
  • Beginner-friendly
  • 24*7 customer support
  • Free SSL certificate
  • AI-based website design
  • Good site speed
  • Drag and drop interface
  • Built-in sales features

Anyone can build a business store or website without the knowledge or technical skills. With Wix, moving your physical business store to an online store or website is effortless.

4 - Squarespace

In our list of ecommerce website builders, the next one is Squarespace. Like Wix, it's a drag-and-drop builder and was a traditional website builder, but now, you can effortlessly create an online business store to expand your horizons. If you want to connect your social media, Squarespace makes linking your website to social media platforms easy. Through well-designed templates, start designing your store, choose a template, and change the text, colors, images, and content how you want to show off to your customers.

Anyone can quickly build a beautiful and modern website that is visually appealing to attract more customers and sales. Squarespace is a popular choice amongst professionals to showcase their creativity and sell. It has ready-made templates, flexible layouts, animation options, passwords and page locks, built-in mobile websites, etc., features that make it easy to have your business in an online space where you sell your products and services without difficulty.

Let us check out the advantages it has to offer us.

  • Built-in SEO tools
  • Drag and drop builder
  • Customizable & award-winning templates
  • Sell unlimited products
  • Discount codes
  • Analytics & blogging tools
  • Custom color palettes
  • Built-in photo editing capabilities
  • Easy to connect a site to social media
  • Extensions of marketing, sales, & shipping tools

As your business grows, you need advanced features and tools that scale up the whole website differently. For that, Squarespace provides you with improved features to have smart tools to mark your online presence altogether.

5 - Weebly

Weebly is the best ecommerce website builder for small and medium-sized businesses. It is affordable and easy to use as it does not need much maintenance. If you are a beginner and want to open your business website or store online without any difficulties, Weebly is the right choice. This drag-and-drop builder lets you create websites and stores without coding knowledge. If you are a startup, you'll get an excellent chance to expand your products and services and establish a presence where more people get to know about you.

It is easy to integrate, has solid features, and free email, SEO, shipping, and more tools. Provide a helping hand to your customers to find your business and buy their favorite products from you. With minimal maintenance, it's the right choice to keep up your pace in the ecommerce world.

Let's check out some of the advantages it brings to your business.

  • Drag and drop builder
  • Free web hosting
  • Easy to use and understand
  • Built-in SEO tools
  • Creates email marketing campaigns
  • Multiple shipping options
  • Promotions and discounts
  • Offers mobile application support
  • Built-in content management system
  • Better control over products

For the beginning of any online business store, Weebly proves to be the best partner to let you adequately expand your business.

6 - BigCommerce

After Shopify, BigCommerce is considered the leader in the ecommerce business world. It's a trustworthy website builder with features like a drag-and-drop tool, an easy-to-use and secure platform, and many options for technogeek business owners. The advantage you'll get with this amazing ecommerce builder is it includes international selling abilities, multichannel sales capabilities, etc., to attract more and more customers.

One thing you have to consider is that this builder is not beginner-friendly, and that's why you have to be updated with everything on your way. If you don't want any limits on your website or online store, BigCommerce is the perfect choice for you. This platform is a great international ecommerce site, multichannel sales, etc., to scale up business thoroughly.

Let's have a look at the benefits it brings to you.

  • Lets you manage products, orders, & customers
  • Best in designs
  • Great support
  • Fully adapted
  • Better functionality & customization
  • WordPress Integration
  • Multiple currency support
  • Multi-layered security
  • 24*7 customer support
  • Mobile friendly

With significant advantages by your side, kick start your online business store or website, enhance its look and feel, and drive traffic to your website. Let more people be your customers through BigCommerce.

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