Web Design Inspiration: 15 Great Sites

Web Design Inspiration: 15 Great Sites

Content - check, platform - check, domain name - check, marketing plan - check, but facing designer's block while designing the web? It's not every time you are active enough to create groundbreaking designs and give your clients a reason to be happy and fully satisfied. And that's where Web Design Inspiration comes into the picture. Having a source of design inspiration by your side is an advantage for your creativity.

As you look through the sites that help you find inspiration and visionary and artistic designs, you'll feel the rush to show your creativity with the new design approach. Web design inspiration encourages you to explore new designs, and ideas, carving something different with new thought processes and holding you up with the latest trends.

Whether you are a pro at web design or just starting your career in web design, working on different and fresh website design ideas all along the line challenges you. Many web design inspiration websites are available for you to search through excellent web design concepts. Consider all elements of a brand for you to design a website, such as colors, fonts, pages, visual appeal, UI, and more, and thoroughly intensify the look and feel of a web design.

Let's look at the list of 15 great web design inspiration sites that indeed have something in the box for you.

1 - Behance

Let's start with the most famous site for design inspiration called Behance, to discover the creative work you are in quest of. It lets you showcase your designs as well and is one of the largest communities for designers in the world. As Behance is part of the Adobe family, it is helpful for graphic designing, photography, and illustration.

Plenty of the world's top designers showcase their work on this platform, and it has filters that put forward precisely what you are looking for, such as colors, popularity, tools used, and more.

Let your web design have a touch of remarkable and inventive style.

2 - SiteInspire

Another reliable resource for web design ideas is SiteInspire. It is designed with a straightforward approach to exploring website designs with a fresh and out-of-the-box touch. With a simple user interface, this site highlights every fantastic web design that has been designed creatively. With the tagging system in it, you can choose a specific industry or business to reach the right place for your inspiration.

If you are searching for something clear-cut, search the right keywords in the search bar, and you'll be there to get the appropriate designs. Exploring the designs for a specific topic or subject will save you a lot of time.

With a free sign-up, you can save your favorite websites to check them out in your hours of need.

3 - Commerce Cream

Commerce Cream is a great source for discovering web design inspiration, especially for e-commerce websites. If you are searching for modern and trendy web design inspiration, you can choose the perfect platform in the form of Commerce Cream. Get excellent websites with different designs like bold typography, charming color palettes, fonts, minimalism, bold and modern designs, and websites with unique concepts to help you prepare something extraordinary.

It features the best-looking online store and focuses on e-commerce web designs with the best and perfect-looking websites.

With a wide variety of web designs and trendy styles, explore something you've never seen before.

4 - Dribbble

Dribbble is a great place to get inspired from. With the wide variety of designs, many designers worldwide use this platform to delve into the designs they find here, as there is no shortage of web designs. It's also a powerful source of learning skills in designing, not just websites; it can provide you with the elements used in web designing, like icons, illustrations, and more.

Sometimes all you need is a fresh perspective to start something new and think in the direction that leads you to a new path. Get creative with multiple fields of work and begin exploring web designs that inspire you to create more ingenious designs.

5 - Awwwards

Awwwards offers a diverse range of award-winning web design inspiration. It features the work of the world's top web designers, which is the plus point of this platform. A great place to truly get into the ocean of innovative web designs, get inspired to create a website, and introduce yourself to a new way of thinking. As you can submit your web designs here, you will find plenty of inspiration daily for specific industries, styles, and website designs.

Web experts at Awwwards don't just pick websites that are only beautiful by look, but they like sites that have unique designs, concepts, content, and creativity. You are at the right place if you are seeking inspiration for web designs.

6 - CSS Nectar

Get to know the other web design inspiration platform where you can find great website designs with different categories, colors, countries, and more. The best and most featured website of CSS Nectar is based on its design and coding. Every website listed on this platform is worth your time. Explore what you want and find things your mind hasn't thought about before. It rates every website certainly. It charges $5 to submit the website and refunds the money if your site is not approved.

You can also use filters to explore different websites. Filters like colors, categories, features, and country. What's more, you can get the highest quality web design inspiration, and there are always new designs that let you bring out your creative side to design websites.

7 - Land-Book

If you are going through the designer's block while designing and thinking about how to make the landing page more attractive, here is the solution. Prefer Land-Book for creating highly categorized landing pages, blogs, and e-commerce websites. Its easy-to-use and finely structured design and layout inspire you to put out your creativity. Here you can find a wide array of websites from numerous fields, and the designers here are highly talented, which provides you a chance to think out of the box. For much-needed web design inspiration, do discover this fantastic platform.

You can create an account on Land-Book to save the collection of websites that you want for future reference. Whether it's retro look design, modern design, designs for social media, or anything that helps you showcase your design talent, find inspiration here.

8 - Calltoidea

For every project, you work on daily and the tasks you follow daily, Calltoidea is the best choice. Find your inspiration. It is an easy task with this platform. With a massive collection of designs and assets, you can discover pages like the login page, 404 error page, admin boards, and others. It doesn't have tagging and search functionality, although it's an ideal choice for those who want to design a website for a specific field.

Looking for design elements? Visit Calltoidea for design elements like menus, animation, pop-ups, and sliders. Let the best designs be by your side for your daily design tasks to show innovation through digital art.

9 - Pinterest

For the creativity you are looking for, for the innovation that stands out in your designs, for your upcoming projects, and to create a pro portfolio for yourself in designing, dive deep into Pinterest. It's a go-to platform; consider it the all-rounder, for it has everything you want. This site uses a masonry grid and is a reliable source for graphic designing, web designing, and everything that attracts you, whether it's food, painting, poetry, or everything.

It allows you to create boards per your interests to save them for future reference. Pinterest is not just the place where you find web design ideas, but it also offers the other elements you need in your web design or graphic design. It includes branding, stationery, printing, package designing, photography, and more.

If you are searching for an all-in-one platform to get inspiration, ideas, and creativity, you must visit Pinterest.

10 - Designspiration

Let the best be by your side. Designspiration is one of the most significant sources of web design inspiration. Like Pinterest, it also has this masonry grid where you can explore many options and broaden your horizons for the creativity you seek. Designspiration created an open environment to share your work and inspire others to design ingeniously.

Explore the vast array of designs and let your eyes be amazed at the imagination designers have and created excellent art. Create an account on this platform to save your favorites, and use the search bar if you are looking for something specific.

Whether it's about web design, typography, typefaces, photography, or anything else, Designspiration got you covered with fabulous art and designs.

11 - Best Website Gallery

For premium quality web designs, prefer Best Website Gallery. This is an expansive library of inspiration where all the designs for the web are hand-picked and curated so well that each of them will catch your attention. This platform started as David Hellmann's personal bookmarked website, and now this man's hand-picked website designs inspire many people.

Get the benefit of exploring different pages through screenshots shared by this platform, and it's a plus point. You can explore other website pages on a single page on BWG. The tagging system lets you discover web designs per the colors, CMS, framework, etc., to help your designer's block break the chain and work on something new. New to design better, think better.

12 - Admire the Web

Admire the Web is a collection of brilliant website designs in a smooth format. You can sort the designs by the specific industry as it is highly curated to serve your desired inspiration. It also gives related content recommendations when you go for a particular search. If you don't mind spending more time on Admire the Web, it will help you uncover the rich range of web designs.

This platform also submits your website and takes a minimal amount for that. However, the amount will be refunded if your site is not selected. Consider your design process and look for inspiration for your next project.

13 - Pttrns

Pettrns offers its users various website designs to sharpen their design skills. This site has much information to support every project you are working on or future projects. A splendid source of inspiration to help your thought process and designer block to come up with something fresh, trendy, and never before thought concept. It charges $5 per month to access its unique web design inspiration.

Find your source of inspiration and concepts to evolve with every design trend and guide your imagination in a new direction. On a low budget, look to increase your skills.

14 - Webflow Showcase

Let Webflow Showcase fully fuel you with its extraordinary design inspiration. For your personal use for work-related tasks, go through Webflow Showcase and sort designs as per popularity and current trendy web designs to choose what suits your style or try your hands on fresh stuff. Want inspiration for animation, templates, CMS, e-commerce, and interaction? If yes, explore this world of designs Webflow Showcase and get unlimited inspiration.

When you design for a particular platform, it has its limitations. Still, you can take help from Webflow Showcase, as it shows what's possible for that platform because it is platform specific and helps you achieve your goal.

15 - Lapa.ninja

For the landing page inspiration, look into Lapa.ninja. With a growing collection, their database is updated daily to serve you with the inspiration you seek. Having the benefit of diverse categories in designs like illustration-based designs, finding color palette inspiration, gradients, or anything else, Lapa.ninja is your buddy on the way to help you anywhere.

They showcase complete landing page designs to make it easy to see how different pages are arranged. Click on any web design to see detailed information about it, such as multi-pages, details about that particular site, colors, and categories used. You can also filter to make your search task easy.

Here the list is complete to keep you motivated with every latest, trendy, brilliant, and new concept web design and UI inspiration and to let you free from the designer's block. For the experts and beginners, these sites are an ocean of inspiration, deep dive, and evolve with time and designs.

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