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Who we are

That’s a nice question! #TeamLiveblack is a team of professionals either fallen by the C-suite world or the new birds who are spreading their wings and nurturing feathers.

Liveblack is a Full stack Digital Agency who build custom solutions as needed. We, as the digital marketing company in India, specialize in the entire process of digital transformation.

Talking about the team, we’re Millennials and Gen-Z who have witnessed the transition of a digital era and still are witnessing it. Our full stack legions know the very best of HTML, CSS, PHP, AI, Premiere, PS, Excel, IOS/Android App, or the web based app - You name it and we have made it. We envision on a strategic level, building fully integrated digital products and campaigns and have the capabilities to execute activities that drive optimum business results.

Putting it simply, Full stack is a term that means to specialize in the entire process rather than being monotonous towards the profession. Which means to you is that with us you get the point blank digital services

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Our Capabilities

Scalable and Secure digital solutions

Our team works hand-in-hand to ensure a seamless digital experience across all devices. Partner with our full stack digital marketing agency and gain access to our vast array of marketing and technical solutions from around the globe.

A Sneak Peek into our Work


With the best loyalty program in the industry and rewarding with real Instant Cash, the brand wanted to gain people's trust in Online Gaming again as competitor gaming applications have been betraying every gamers' trust. Our focus was on rebuilding that trust to play with as an open and most trustworthy gaming application in India.

Deliverables :

  • Brand Guideline
  • Graphic Solution
  • Blog Writing
  • Website Redesign & Development
  • Wordpress Integration Development
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Initially, the brief was about gearing up with their Logo design. The brand wanted to pave its way from the conventional colours and ideology shifting towards a fresh identity that represents the Soul of Śu𝐬̣ka.

Deliverables :

  • UI/UX
  • Development
  • Social Marketing
  • Branding
  • Packaging
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Our collaborative approach combines technology strength and experience in all areas of the digital process, resulting in creatively unique and technically brilliant digital solutions.